Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not listening to music

"And then, at some point if I feel better, the news just sounds really sad, and I want music on all the time...

"The title comes from the correspondences between a close friend and myself.
Her father used to always quiz her aggressively about whether or not she was listening to music. It was his way of establishing if she was depressed or not. She later guessed that he had noticed that wanting to listen to music or not was a quantifiable symptom of how his moods were cascading. And now, it seems, for her too. For months she could only listen to news on the radio and when it switched to music, she'd switch it off. At the time I was emailing her a song everyday.
Getting over sadness through repetition, or until something jolts you out of it, and then you crave something taht will open you back up all of the time."
Michael Queenland
in Musical Paintings

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