Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oblique Strategies: working

The brief is:
Over the 5 weeks of Xmas take 1 image I've presented on the 1st meeting for Sam Wilson's workshop. Apply Oblique strategies to this image.

1."Take a break"

2."Do nothing for as long as possible"

3."Find a safe part and use it as an anchor"
I've worked in the video "Video Killed" building the music on the 'right' time sequence: from 21 dec until the 2nd jan. This the first experience of working with other people music covers, karaoke, ... Some of this people are just filming themselves at home in front of the computer, not even singing a long, just moving to the sound of the music and pretending to sing.
Does it make sense to use this footage?

I have the game now installed on my computer and the next ones will be:

4."When is it for?"
It doesn't really have a schedule...
I've decided to start working on the project for the exhibition and see if it makes sense to merge both together. Eventually I'll use images of me on youtube singing with no sound: "Can you hear the colour of my heart", which is the 'title' of my project for the synesthesia exhibition.

5."Discover your formula and abandon them"
The idea is to recreate, reinterpret, use other people recreations, to create music. Isolate sounds, taken from videos on youtube of people doing covers, and make music with this sounds as if the're music notes.
I could even create a music score.
Or write with video snap shoots on music sheet.
-To listen is to participate
-I'm the audience and I'm the artist
-What do you do when you are listening to music?

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