Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quebra Orelha Music Shop Applications

Wrapping paper design tries to mimic an image search on google for "Broken Ear" (translation of Quebra Orelha)
The print plan of the back side of the commercial cards it's again this pattern.

Back of commercial cards

Wrapping paper, envelope, stickers, voucher and front of 2 different commercial cards

Commercial card with map for tourists

Envelopes and stamp
Low budget solution for envelopes that I so much like
The envelopes for LPs also take a sticker to seal



Vinyl application on the door

I'm trying to convince Afonso (the owner) to use this "digital" tape to identify the various types of music. It works by coloring black the parts that don't form the letter.
This example: FADO.

The company Papabubble, based in Lisbon, made these really nice sweets, from the design of Quebra Orelha's logo.

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