Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letra&Música first draft

This is the first draft of the poster to promote a workshop on typography and music.
The dates are only hypothetical.

Letra means lyrics but also letter in portuguese.
Música means music. Letra e Música it's the way we invoke the author of lyrics and music at the same time.

The idea is to use the wrapping paper from the record shop Quebra Orelha (my client) and invite artists to intervene on it, by printing a sentence they consider to be interesting about the state of the music industry nowadays.
Techniques might vary from print using wood type and a press to collage, etc.

The workshop would also promote discussions about the present role of the visual artist in the music industry.

I am going to invite visual artist that are also musicians (or the other way around).
The list is coming up now only with local people from Coimbra, but it might be interesting to open the circle.

The space in Coimbra where this is going to happen it's a gallery called CAPC, Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra. Visual Arts Circle of Coimbra, non-profit organization, founded in 1958. Carlos Antunes, from Atelier do Corvo (arquitects) is now in charge of the gallery. He is welcoming this project very well and I will get all the support I need, keeping it very low budget.

For this workshop I'm trying to get in touch with a local letterpress, Tipografia Damasceno, that possess a huge collection of wood and metal type, somewhere out of Coimbra in a warehouse.
Paul Hardman posted on his blog about them last year:

They might also give us information about how to acquire a press.
Both me and FBA.'s creative director João Bicker want to have a press for ourselves so we can produce letterpress work.

This is a graphic design studio where I worked for 5 years.
They want to collaborate with me on this project.


After the workshop CAPC gallery will exhibit the "posters".

I'm planing on recording this event to produce a small video that would be projected on the windows of the gallery during the exhibition.


The same project can be made in London either on the New Gallery or on the final show.

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ILdV said...

Sounds great, wish I was's fun, it's physical, it's social... MUAS