Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Atelier Letra&Música - planning the 22nd of May at CAPC

The 2nd day of the workshop will be held at: CAC - CAPC
Centro de Arte Contemporânea do Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra.
CAPC is an art association that promotes and produces body of work as a group since the 60s. It is now based at the gallery Centro de Arte Contemporânea, in Coimbra, Portugal. It was originally connected with the University of Coimbra, but is now independent.

The space:

It's located at the end of Sereia's park, in the center of Coimbra.

The sculpture seen at the back is from the artist Rui Chafes.

Ideally, depending on the weather conditions. the workshop will be held outside, under the trees, close to the gallery building.

The bookshop of the gallery space.

We were checking the visibility of a projection in the window, so that I could eventually make my initial presentation (concepts to help initiate the discussion), but it didn't work.

So the initial presentation will be projected inside, in the wall of the first room of the gallery.

Furniture for the workshop:

Light boxes/tables

Short history of CAPC in pictures:
From the book "50 years of CAPC".

Drawing class, at the work room of CAPC, at the time inside the building of Machado de Castro National Museum.

A poster promoting an exhibition of the group.

In their own old space near Praça da República at the bottom of the university stairs.

Darwing activity with kids.Begining of 70s.

Art on the Street week. 1977

A collective creation Living Theatre, at the university. 1979

Ecologic intervention, at Praça da República. 1979

An exhibition at the new gallery space, Miguel Leal.

The opening of the gallery CAC of CAPC, were the workshop will happen, was in May 1997.

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