Saturday, August 20, 2011

Workshop Letra&Música - London

Letra&Música means Lyrics/Letter&Music. “Letra” means lyrics but also letter in portuguese, referring to typography. “Letra e música” is the way we invoke the author of lyrics and music at the same time.
I'm inviting graphic designers and artists to reflect around the theme Designing for the Music Industry. After a brief introduction and discussion it will be given to each participant the same similar base to work on. The “white canvas” is a craft sheet of paper 50x70cms, produced originally as the wrapping paper for the music shop Quebra Orelha (Ear Break), in Portugal. Printed as a background is a simulation of a Google search for images connected with music and ears. Each person will make one or more interventions using various techniques (wood type, drawing, painting, collage, folding, etc). Fell free to bring your own materials. You will have access to wood type, paint, colour paper and more. Digital files can also be provided for computer based work.

This workshop is part of the MA Graphic Design Final Show.
It will take place in the exhibition space.
Camberwell College of Arts, North building, 1st floor, 45-65 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UF
Please chose from the following dates:
3th September, Saturday, from 12h00 to 5 pm
5th September, Monday, from 11h00 to 4 pm
Limited to 8 people per day. RSVP until 25th August

For more information please contact:

With the support of: Camberwell Letterpress and Quebra Orelha record shop

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