Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Karen talking to youtube

video responses:

text comments:

axestone9999 (3 days ago) S
I'm not sure I got that... you say your video was doubled?

commentater1 (5 days ago)
there is an x surrounding my "upload video" button and it wont let me click it :'(

BigJimW10 (1 week ago)
My entire channel was deleted from YouTube for no reason. Probably because of some of my videos were not up to the snuff of YouTube, And I had to made the new one I have now.
So your problem is not an isolated one. YouTube is really crap since Google took over and sold out to corporate bastards.
Trust me, YouTube sucks. :(

KarenEng (1 week ago)
@BigJimW10 You sure got that right Jim! Youtube is not nearly as wonderful as when I started almost 3 years ago!
I made my own video sharing site to answer to this.

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