Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some sentences WIP

Work in progress post.
I want to gather a few thoughts, turn it into some sentences/expressions, and print ot big! Some statements that I find important for my work.

To listen is to participate
I'm the audience and I'm the artist
I want to be a turner prize
Video karaoke
Calling the birds
recreate reinterpret
interpreter eeeinprrrtt reinterpret
What do you do when you are listening to music?
Are you listening?
What will happen to the telephone box?
design is not art
say that on youtube
your space is my tube
reworking traces others leave behind
bum! music bam! sound
bum bum bum bam bam
tshiky tshiky bum tshiky tshiky bam bam
your silence is too loud
a temple of music
My turntable is my instrument. I play it loud and I play it well.
click share share share like like like
google it
send a message instead share cancel
my task in not a grind, I have internet
I'm louder than music, louder than sound, louder than silence
noisy silence coming from me

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