Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Final Idea: Live event game

When you buy the last album from Matthew Herbert Big Band: "There's me and there's you" you would find inside instructions to a game to be played in a live event.

1. your own voice
2. an incomplete zoetrope strip
3. an incomplete "unfinished drawings" strip (see figure 1)
4. a strip for the metamorphose game

a) record a sample of your voice with a maximum of 5 seconds about a subject you would like to raise or just sing for 5 seconds part of a song in the album "There's me and there's you"
b) upload the file in the address: http://www.matthewherbert.com/ before 30 April 2009
c) send us an e-mail explaining your cause or which music you have chosen

2, 3, 4.
a) Chose from one of the enclosed strips (or two, or three)
b) Do your drawing, collage, etc, while you are listening to a specific part of one of the songs; a song; the all album.
c) Send it by post to the following address: ... and keep a copy with yourself (do a color photocopy)

On the 26th May, come to Koko in Camden for our gig. Present your strip at the door along with the code you will receive by e-mail. There will be a way of recording the images of each person in order to show them to the live audience.

Each strip is put together to complete each game. Three different kind of animations will appear on screen.
The voice samples will be mixed live by Matthew Herbert. Some more voices would be captured and sampled during the event.

figure 1

thanks Priya

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