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How To Download Music from Anywhere by LatestGroove

Listening to music on the computer is always a nice, motivating experience.
However, sometimes, I just wanna pump a song in my car while I'm dealing with the fact that I'm on my way to work. There's nothing quite like it. Not to mention when you get off work, and play something like "Beautiful Day" by U2.
Computer speakers are just fine for what they are, but we all know that they don't even touch our sound system speakers, car speakers, auditorium speakers, etc. So let's get down to business.

How To Download Music from Anywhere

1. Myspace
Okay, this is easy. Just download the great program Myspace MP3 Gopher from our server. Extract. Open. Put in the friend ID of the music page you are extracting the song from. (The easiest way to get the friend id is just hover over any link in the profile like send message and you'll see at the bottom status bar of your browser the id. It will look something like this:

Now open the program and enter the ID, and you'll see the music list.

Now double-click the song, hit download and it's that simple!

2. Google
If you haven't heard about the Google 2 Napster method yet, then you're quite frankly out of the loop. It's sort of something you have to know about. Basically, you can type in certain codes to make google search directories for any type of file you want (programs, music, videos, pictures, pdf/ebooks, torrents, etc).

Yeah, so here's an easy-to-use interface for doing just that!

3. Limewire

Yes, I know, everyone and his mother knows about Limewire. But it deserves at least a mention, don't you think? Just download, install, and search for media files P2P style. Hey, it works!

Download Here

4. Torrents
Basically, torrents are little files that act as doorways to download whatever file is attached to it. Confusing? Yeah, I know.

Just download BitTorrent, visit, and find just about any file you like! That encompasses a lot more than just music. Guaranteed.

5. Usenext
Usenext is kind of the same concept as torrents/limewire, except it's all newsgroup based. So basically, it's faster and easier.

Just visit and read the instructions. I should mention that UseNext ISN'T FREE, it does cost a monthly fee. It isn't very expensive at all, though, and they do offer a 14-day free trial.


This is a simple, little google-like page.

As you can see, there are 3 basic options: iJigg, MP3 Realm, and Esnips.


This one is tricky, but overall fairly simple. Just select iJigg and search an artist/song. For this example, I'll search radiohead. So this comes up:

Now, let's click DOWNLOAD on the first result on top, Karma Police. You'll see that it simply loads a blank page with the text ''... wow, what does that mean? Don't worry, it's easier than it seems. Just copy/paste this string of text into your search bar like this:

Hit enter. Wow, great another blank white page with simple text. It's okay, I promise... the text returned this time is: Rabbits in my head - karma police 01:58 radiohead karmapolice alternative rock thom yorke india Rabbits in my head 24 0 5 1209223757
What YOU want is that first part, - VOILA, you have yourself a direct link to the mp3 file for the song Karma Police by Radiohead.

--MP3 Realm

Now this one is a heck-of-a-lot easier. You just search the artist/song, and hit download...boom. :)


BOOOOOOO! I don't understand this one yet. Maybe you do?

7. Research
Get off your patoody and do a little research! It all starts with google...

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