Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Camberwell: I Know You Have Skills

Visual Spaces Workshop Series
Day Two: I Know You Have Skills
MA Graphic Design studio
Camberwell College of Arts

Chinese painting by Haoting Yang

Haoting mention that in china it's really important to practice your writing, because if your calligraphy is good it means people can trust you.
What about now? With e-mails? How do you know if you can you trust someone?

Stamps out of bicycle tires and plasticine by Paul Hardman

Nina mixing chinese painting with stamps

Sushi by Pearl Li

Book binding by Airelle D

Art project by David Cross
"What is the point in painting"

Arabic Calligraphy by Nina Kreidie

Katja did a maths game with us and at the end we've got candles with numbers as presents.

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