Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello Camberwell take 2

Last tuesday, on the 2nd of March, following Brave New Alps presentation, we add a communal lunch at MA Graphic Design studio to debate arising questions related to this new project now named: Hello Camberwell.
We add the external participation of Fabio and Bianca (Brave New Alps) and Zuky Serper (from Reay School, check previous e-mail about his projects).

We intend to understand Camberwell College of Arts position and influence on the Camberwell area and community.
How important is it to Camberwell?
Can we communicate better to the outside?
Is it possible to bring our school and the community closer?

We have at the moment two huge "white canvas":
1. Car Park, Camberwell College of Arts, Wilson Road
2. Facade of Grove Lane building.

The 3 days workshop we are having might help us gathering some ideas (specially to the car park project) but we still need to do a bit of research about the area, the community, the building, etc

Information I have at the moment.

last year Camberwell Arts Festival (it would be interesting to have the output of this projects on the same dates as the festival):

SE5 forum for Camberwell:

St Giles church:
This church has a huge impact on the car park. Its image and its shadow as well.

Bianca found and kindly sent:

Grove Lane building:
The owner, Julian Kenny, is still not sure about what the building will be in the future: bookshop? Delicatessen?
There were a lot of 2nd hand bookshops in the past on this same road, according to Julian.

1st bit of Camberwell research: etymology
Camberwell appears in Domesday Book as Cambrewelle.[2] The name might derive from the old English Cumberwell or Comberwell, meaning Welsh well. Springs and wells are known to have existed on the southern slope of Denmark Hill, especially around Grove Park.[3] Alternatively, the name Camberwell may have come from the Saxon language, meaning Cripple Well, which developed as a hamlet where people from the City of London were expelled when they had life threatening diseases like leprosy, for treatment by the church and the clean waters from the wells. The Parish Church is dedicated to St Giles, patron Saint of cripples.

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