Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello Camberwell take 1

(Workshop organized by me and Paul)

Hello Camberwell - Visual Spaces Workshop Series
22nd - 24th March
Wilson Road College Car Park / Lecture Theatre / MA Graphic Design Studio

Three days of workshops curated by MA Graphic Design open to all students and staff interested in sharing skills and ideas.

Following on from the ongoing Visual Voices Lecture Series, in which Jonathan Barnbrook and Brave New Alps have described their own approaches to design that takes a political and engaged stance, we are planning a series of workshops that are intended to consider our own micro-community of the college, and its place in a wider context.

We want to encourage interaction across different courses and levels, so all contributions and suggestions for these three days are warmly welcomed.


22nd March - The garden as a three dimensional page
(and BBQ lunch)
10am - 5pm

The college is making plans to turn some of the car park at Wilson Road into a garden - this is a project that will happen over a long period of time - but the first stage is to inhabit the space.

The intention of the Hello Camberwell project is to take the first step towards transforming this space by initiating some activity, we will be building highly visible sculptural typography to be seen from both the school and the street.

Using any found objects, junk and detrius, we will collaborate to develop a three dimensional visual language, including words and images that will make the first step in transforming the car park into an engaging environment.

The process will be captured as a film/stop motion animation that will be shown as part of the last day of the workshop.

Bring what you can -
Old furniture
Plastic Bags
Barbecue food


23rd March - Open discourse & skill sharing
(or more typo workshop? / typeface building day?)
MA Graphic Design Studio
10am - 5pm

Do you have an idea for a project you would like to test outside of your immediate course context?

Have you made a discovery in your research you would like to discuss with other open minded students?

Have you read a book / article / interview / essay that has radically changed your thinking?

Or maybe you have invented a new way of making paper aeroplanes, drop in to share your ideas.

Some item of food to contribute to lunch
A skill or an idea or an appetite for the new


24th March - Filmathon
10.00am -8.00pm
Wilson Road Lecture Theatre

10 hours of short films, long films, student animations and videos and experimental cinema. Open for contributions and recommendations. This is a chance to show your own films in front of an audience and on a nice big screen. Unless we get too many better suggestions we will also be showing seminal cult activist leaning films such as:
"I am curious yellow" by Vilgot Sjöman
and "La Chinoise" by Jean-Luc Godard


Deadline for submissions & suggestions 19th March

(photos by: Marcus, Paul and me)

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