Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are we setting apart vinyl disc from its paper cover?

Yes, we idolize album covers. We buy them because we want to have them in our wall. To show our preferences to others, or just because they are an art object to us.
And what do we do with the disc that was inside? Doesn't it turn our new picture in the wall into a heavy object? It goes in the drawer, of course.
Does this mean we have now two different kind of people: the ones who listen to music and the ones who buy record covers.
Is the dematerialization of music also a new way to really appreciate its old "material" as art?
Is downloading of music making us "upload" music to a higher level?
Why are we so into it anyway?

Lets see what wiki says about dematerialization. And then we'll return to Evan Eisenberg.

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