Saturday, February 7, 2009

I had an idea!!

Whatever the support for the music files will be in the future, record labels could start producing little brochures/books about their releases. These could be organized by: group; album; label...
So when you buy one file, one song or album online you receive it at home.
Or you can have this editions in the music stores, and on the back of the "book" it would be the reference to download the files, or whatever it will be in the future. In the "book" you would also find a barcode (or?) that allow you to listen to the album in the store before buying it.
It could be possible to collect them in files (with archives for each label or band or...).
It could be beautifully done in small uncoated paper editions. : )
Let's say:
- postcard size
- 12 x 8 cms (to fit in shelfs together with CDs)

p.s. a detail: It could also have the stamp already printed to be sent by post without envelope.

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